Subject: [Tweeters] Goshawk - seeking info
Date: Thu Nov 24 14:58:15 PST 2022
From: Nelson Briefer - nreiferb at

Dear birders and hawkwatchers-; about 10 years ago was a photo of an
accipiter in a lady's driveway on San Juan Island. The photo was used as an
advertisement relating to the birds of the San Juan's. The hawk was
immature and was called a Cooper's hawk since the lady said that Cooper's
Hawks were nesting in the trees of her driveway. I was thinking that the
hawk was a Goshawk. Now, years later, the caption to that photo is Cooper's
hawk/ Goshawk. Question - what is the story of this hawk? I am thinking
that Cooper's Hawk were nesting in the driveway, however the accipiter in
the driveway was visiting the Cooper's area. Nelson Briefer - Anacortes.