Subject: [Tweeters] Lots of upcoming birds/birding opportunities
Date: Mon Nov 28 16:43:53 PST 2022
From: Jane Hadley - hadleyj1725 at

Dear Tweeters -  Just a reminder of some of the birds and birding
opportunities on the horizon.

1. WOS Field Trips -- There are five upcoming field trips scheduled
between this Saturday (Dec 3) and Sunday Feb 26. Check them out at

2. The upcoming WOS monthly meeting presentation Monday Dec 5 will
feature Kim Adelson speaking on "The Origins of Modern Bird Orders." 
This will be online only. For details go to

3. More than 40 Christmas Bird Counts will get underway starting
December 14 and ending January 2. Find one that appeals at

4. Finally, check out the latest reports and decisions of the Washington
Bird Records Committee (WBRC), including the updated state checklist, at   The latest published report, the 12th Report
by Bill Tweit, Ryan Shaw and Matt Bartels,  which has been published in
Western Birds, is at

Jane Hadley

WOS webmaster